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BSCAN Fixtures and parallel I/O. SOPC and PCI Express Fpga cards.

PCI Express Family

Mini PCIe and PCIe on cable

pciefamily_v1-2-pcie-mediumPCI Express has several advantages, summarizing it is a simple, low cost, high performance solution to connect a peripher al to an host.  It has been also designed for PCI software drives compatibility with existing Operating Systems.

By physical point of view, PCI Express is a point-to-point connection cabling/wiring. PCIe also allows “hot swapping” or “hot plugging”. Another important feature is its scalability: higher bandwidth can be achieved by adding “bus lanes”, obtaining transfer speed from 250Mbytes/sec to some GBytes/Sec.

Currently, there are two most important PCIe extensions usable in the embedded application market:

  • The first one is PCIe Mini Card that has a form factor smaller than standard PCIe board (about 30x50mm),
  • The second one is the PCIe on cable, which allows to remote the PCIe pheripheral devices up to 7 meters from the host and without any software add on.

Smart Customizable Equipment

ATOM CPU and Altera FPGA together

Frontale_500The GEB Enterprise Smart Customizable Equipment (SCE) is a product that was designed to host equipments  that requires high speed I/O, digital managements on a FPGA, presentations and communications via a standard PC in a small space.

You can improve Your solution and save money using the Smart Customizable Equipment that makes avalilable, in small space at low cost a modular alternative.

It consists of an industrial PC (SBC) fanless, a robust Embedded Operating System Seven with save power-off, one mini PCIe I/O interface card based on Altera FPGA, in a 2U rack case. The industrial PC is equipped in the basic version, with a CPU Intel Atom D2550 Dual Core, SSD (Solid State Disk) a 5 inchs  touch screen 800×480 LCD, and some standard interfaces such as 2x1Gbit Ethernet, 2xUSB2, 2xRS232, 2xRS485. The Mini PCIe card make available 53 FPGA I/O with an effective transfer rate up to 250Mbytes/Sec (160Mbyte/Sec in Half Duplex) using the GEB drivers.

VME using Intel FPGA

VME IP and Boards RDK

The VME Bus RDK (Rapid Development Kit) have the target to make available at low cost the resources to build a fast prototype of a VME master/slave/controller subsytem. The modularity of the resources, both hardware board and firmware VHDL IP allows to compose many types of application with a low effort. The GEB’s  VME board hosts the Altera Fpga, that make available the modular VME IP, the VME Drivers and Receivers, SdRam and Fpga ancillary logic, including a switching power supply, able to generate onboard 3V3

SOM & IOT Boards and SubSystems

Simple, ready to use, FPGA Board

Electronic boards ans subsystems based Intel®(Altera®) FPGAs . They include MPU NIOSII, Fpga standard and custom interfaces allowing smart, flexible and full customizable interfaces in your equipments.  The FPGA and software accompanying the card includes the complete project in QuartusII  QSYS design with all related source files needed to generate or customize the system within few hours.

BSCAN (JTAG) Products

Low Cost Parallel I/O, MicroTAP Controller, Fixture case

GEB Enterprise has developed a set of boards and mechanical parts can You could use to build an Bscan Fixture. These are:

  • BSCAN Embedded MicroTap: A low Cost JTAG (BSCAN) TAP controller with good performance, it make available the cheapest solution that can be fitted in the a test equipment. The MicroTap integrates the BSCAN controller and pod, allowing the  UUT boards to be tested using Bscan Tools.
  • BSPIO (Boundary Scan Parallel I/O):  a family of BSCAN,  robust, electrical interfaces boards with muti standard levels that allow direct  electrical interface  between the UUT  I/Os. SIMPEX4 carrier board allow You to put up to 8 BSPIO modules in the BSCAN Fixture.
  • DTB19 Case: A 19 Inchs 2U case, with robust superior panel, allows a secure place of the UUT. Acessoriers, such as preformed front and rear panels, pass trough boards, Virginia Panel Interfaces, make simple the connection of a DTB19 fixture to instruments.

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