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tronic Design, Industrialization, Boundary Scan Test BSCAN, Prototype, FPGA Courses (Corsi FPGA)

Design Services Index

Architectural Analysis and Specification

GEB Enterprise supports the Customers during the  Specification phase; this service, mainly  oriented to digital systems, encompasses the  architectural analysis, preliminary analysis…..

Board Design

GEB Enterprise leverages its design board expertise to provide high quality design and to deliver boards on-time and on-schedule. Documentation is of paramount importance: GEB provides comprehensive documentation covering every phase of the project including Requirements,  Specification, Check List , and …..

FPGA Design

Our FPGA service works using the Concurrent Engineering design method by allowing to optimize the design and development  phases and  to offer …..


Due to the increasing PCB complexity and devices density, the impact of new technologies such as array-style  IC-packages  QFP, BGA,CSP, etc., have reduced the effectiveness of traditional test methods.